Best Places to Buy Cheap Land in America.The beautiful thing about buying vacant land is that it serves a blank canvas for whatever you want to do. Vacant land is empty space that is full of potential, and whether you’re looking for land in the mountains or on the beach or somewhere in between, you can find affordable land all across the country if you just know where to look.

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Flipping Houses vs. Rental Properties

Should You Buy and Hold Real Estate or Flip Properties? The question of whether flipping or buying and holding real estate is the best strategy for investing in property doesn’t have one correct answer. Instead, choosing one method over the other should be part of a clear strategic plan that considers your overall goals.

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Congresso Investimento ImobiliárioCongresso Investimento Imobiliário reúne investidores brasileiros dos EUA em Woburn, MA

A escola Brazilian Dream Group realizou o primeiro Congresso Investimento Imobiliário em Woburn, MA, no Sábado, 11 de Setembro de 2021, e contou com a presença de quase 150 alunos e investidores de vários Estados do País que assistiram as palestras dos profissionais do ramo imobiliário. “O evento foi um sucesso e superou as expectativas de todos presentes! Os agradecimentos vão ao nossos palestrantes: Ana Roque, Márcio de Jesus, André Cunha Lima, Jacob Abdala, Fernanda Morais, aos nossos patrocinadores: Rafaela Garreta, Sibia Keila, TV Florida, Otavio Guilherme e a todas as pessoas que participaram e ajudaram a divulgar o evento”, disse a sócia fundadora Thaise Nunes.

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“The Brazilian Dream Group school held the first Real Estate Investment Congress in Woburn, MA, on Saturday, September 11, and was attended by nearly 150 students and investors from various states in the country who attended lectures by real estate professionals. “The event was a success and exceeded the expectations of everyone present! Thanks go to our speakers: Ana Roque, Márcio de Jesus, André Cunha Lima, Jacob Abdala, Fernanda Morais, our sponsors: Rafaela Garreta, Sibia Keila, TV Florida , Otavio Guilherme and all the people who participated and helped to publicize the event,” said founding partner Thaise Nunes.”

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Ana speaks 3 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish), Wife, Stepmom, Journalist, Event Director for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Central MA Chapter.

Ana is a self-motivated, goal-orientated and focused on building her career with partners and develop leadership with excellence to her teamwork as a mission to create a legacy to her clients and children.


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