Ten States with the Best Quality of Life in 2022

Defining Quality of Life

Quality of life is a measure of comfort, health, and happiness by a person or a group of people. Quality of life is determined by both material factors, such as income and housing, and broader considerations like health, education, and freedom. Each year, US & World News releases its “Best States to Live in” report, which ranks states on the quality of life each state provides its residents.

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Under-construction vs. Ready-to-move-in. A question that usually troubles almost all home buyers is whether to opt for a ready-to-move-in house or book an under-construction one. Since both these property types serve and suit different purposes and intents, it is imperative to know their pros and cons in details. Here is a ready guide to help you take the decision.

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Best Places to Buy Cheap Land in America.The beautiful thing about buying vacant land is that it serves a blank canvas for whatever you want to do. Vacant land is empty space that is full of potential, and whether you’re looking for land in the mountains or on the beach or somewhere in between, you can find affordable land all across the country if you just know where to look.

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