Can FHA Loans Be Used for Investment Property? Low down payments and low credit score  requirements make Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans an attractive option for homebuyers who might not qualify for a traditional mortgage. While this may be good news for some homeowners, real estate investors looking to take advantage of the benefits of an FHA loan may need to look elsewhere. That’s because the conditions of these loans restrict those who qualify. Continue reading “Can FHA Loans Be Used for Investment Property?”

How to Flip a House. Want to know how to flip a house for a huge profit? Join the crew! Flipping houses has been on the rise across the nation. In the second quarter of 2021, the number of house flips reached 80,000. That’s almost 5% of all home sales or one out of every 20 transactions!

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How Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market. Mortgage loans come in two primary forms—fixed rate and adjustable rate—with some hybrid combinations and multiple derivatives of each. A basic understanding of interest rates and the economic influences that determine the future course of interest rates can help you make financially sound mortgage decisions.

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