Under-construction vs. Ready-to-move-in. A question that usually troubles almost all home buyers is whether to opt for a ready-to-move-in house or book an under-construction one. Since both these property types serve and suit different purposes and intents, it is imperative to know their pros and cons in details. Here is a ready guide to help you take the decision.

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Green Building with Recycled Steel. Environmental Stress. Building with wood is becoming increasingly problematic. Although it is classified as a renewable resource, every day more timber is cut down that will never be replaced. Each year, 78 million acres of rainforest are cleared, a rate that will strip the planet by 2060. America has lost almost all of its old-growth timber.

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The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Boston 2022. As some Boston homeowners are considering a move to the suburbs, there hasn’t been a better opportunity to buy your place in some of the most expensive Boston neighborhoods. 

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