Buying A Fixer-Upper House: Pros And Cons. It’s no secret that buying a house is an expensive ordeal. However, if you’re willing to put the work in, you could purchase what’s known as a “fixer-upper” at below market price. This type of home buying is a serious investment, though, so make sure you’re committed before going through with the purchase. Continue reading “Buying A Fixer-Upper House: Pros And Cons”

When to Refinance Your Mortgage. Refinancing can save you money—or cost money. Refinancing a mortgage means paying off an existing loan and replacing it with a new one. There are many reasons why homeowners refinance: Continue reading “When to Refinance Your Mortgage”

Concrete vs. Wood Home Construction. Wood and concrete have been used in construction for thousands of years and for good reason. Both materials have properties that make them appealing building materials.

In this blog, we will tackle the age-old debate between wood and concrete. But before we dive headfirst into this heated debate, there are a few considerations we need to keep in mind. Continue reading “Concrete vs. Wood Home Construction”

8 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Agent Over “For Sale By Owner”. You might be tempted to avoid a real estate agent, save the commission, and just sell your home yourself—also known as “for sale by owner” (FSBO). While tempting, in most cases the risks of going it alone likely outweigh the benefits. Continue reading “8 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Agent Over “For Sale By Owner””


Mortage vs Loan: What are the differences between them. There are many options out there when it comes to a mortgage vs. a loan.It can be challenging to determine which is the right option for you.

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Are Home Prices Going To Drop? I think this is the question that all home buyers are asking themselves in this market.

Consider the following when buying today:

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