Green Building with Recycled Steel. Environmental Stress. Building with wood is becoming increasingly problematic. Although it is classified as a renewable resource, every day more timber is cut down that will never be replaced. Each year, 78 million acres of rainforest are cleared, a rate that will strip the planet by 2060. America has lost almost all of its old-growth timber.

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The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Boston 2022. As some Boston homeowners are considering a move to the suburbs, there hasn’t been a better opportunity to buy your place in some of the most expensive Boston neighborhoods. 

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13 Reasons Living In Massachusetts Is The Best – And Everyone Should Move Here. If you’re a long-time resident of Massachusetts, you probably already know why this state is the absolute best place to live. However, if you’re contemplating a move or just need a reminder of all the ways the Bay State dominates, this list is for you. Here are the top reasons why you, your partner and your family should move to Massachusetts as soon as possible.

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