Ana Roque faz homenagem a investidores do mercado imobiliário
The 5 Types of Homes That Sell the Fastest


Ana Roque faz homenagem a investidores do mercado imobiliário

Profissional do mercado imobiliário com mais de 16 anos de experiência, Ana Roque homenageou clientes que compraram casas reformadas da escola Brazilian Dream Group. A corretora alugou um party bus  da Giuberti Decor & Limousines para um grupo de 25 pessoas!

O encontro aconteceu dia 9 de Julho em Framingham e os convidados foram direto para o restaurante Fogo de Chão, onde celebraram  juntos com os donos da escola. Na lista dos que participaram do momento estavam Thaise e Victor, de Miami e Sérgio Dias, de Boston.

Durante o jantar, Ana surpreendeu os investidores e os donos da BDG com um vídeo exclusivo do cantor e compositor João Suplicy que leu uma mensagem especial e cantou a música “É Preciso Saber Viver”, do cantor Roberto Carlos.

“Muito obrigada a todos que torcem pelo meu sucesso, ao meu esposo Mário Roque que é meu grande parceiro em todas as áreas da minha vida, aos donos da brazilian Dream que nos apoiam com maestria, a Denise que preparou o ambiente do fogo de chão com excelência e a revista Acontece que sempre me apoia, celebrou Ana Roque.”



Ana Roque, a professional in the real estate market with over 16 years of experience, paid tribute to clients who bought renovated homes from the Brazilian Dream Group school. The broker rented a party bus from Giuberti Decor & Limousines for a group of 25 people!

The meeting took place on the 9th of July in Framingham and the guests went to the Fogo de Chão restaurant, where they celebrated together with the school’s owners. On the list of those who participated at the time were Thaise and Victor, from Miami and Sérgio Dias, from Boston.

During dinner, Ana surprised investors and BDG owners with an exclusive video by singer and composer João Suplicy, who read a special message and sang the song “É Preciso Saber Viver”, by singer Roberto Carlos.

“Thank you so much to everyone who cheers for my success, to my husband Mário Roque who is my great partner in all areas of my life, to the owners of brazilian Dream who support us masterfully, to Denise who prepared the environment at Fogo de Chão restaurant with excellence and the Acontece Magazine which always supports me, celebrated Ana Roque.”

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Ana Roque is a Brazilian Licensed Realtor at Re-Connect, LLC with 16+ years of experience in the Real Estate industry.

Ana speaks 3 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish), Wife, Stepmom, Journalist, Event Director for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Central MA Chapter.

Ana is a self-motivated, goal-orientated and focused on building her career with partners and develop leadership with excellence to her teamwork as a mission to create a legacy to her clients and children.


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