10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts

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What causes the cost of living in an area to be high?


10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts. Massachusetts is a beautiful state that has so many amazing opportunities. Big cities like Boston are becoming very expensive to live in. Median home price in Boston has crossed 700K! So many people have been flocking to the small cities to take advantage of the incredible home prices. If you’re thinking about making a move to the east coast then have a look at some of the most affordable towns to buy a house in.

10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts

 1. Florida, Massachusetts

This beautiful city has a median home value in the lower $100 range with a population of around 800 people. The city has a large number of retirees who are living  and have a very rural feeling. Most of the residents of Florida own their own homes due to the low cost of housing in the area.

The city is about a 90-minute drive from Springfield and it’s located right on the Massachusetts route 2 so it’s great for anyone looking to commute to larger towns for work.

10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts2. North Adams, Massachusetts

North Adams is another great city to consider with a median home value in the lower $100k range. The city has a population of around 130,000 and a dense suburban feeling with a large dose of arts and culture. It’s home to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art which is the largest contemporary art museum in the country. The residents of the city enjoy the artistic flair and family-friendly environment the city has.

3. Adams, Massachusetts

The town of Adams has a population of roughly 8,200 people and a median home value in the mid $100k range. The town has also been rated as the #7 Places With The Lowest Cost Of Living in Massachusetts by Niche.com so it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to get the best from their dollar. It’s known locally for its gorgeous natural beauty along with its parks and trails system. The city is located just a half-hour drive outside of nearby Pittsfield.

4. Erving, Massachusetts

Erving is a fantastic choice for young homebuyers who’re looking for a home at a great price. Erving has a median home value in the upper $100k range and a population of around 1700 plus its been rated the #4 Places With The Lowest Cost of Living In Massachusetts by Niche.com

The town has a wide variety of outdoor activities and natural features nearby (such as rock climbing areas, hiking trails, and fishing) so it’s the perfect place for any outdoor enthusiast. Residents of the town enjoy the small-town feeling and the upgraded amenities such as the new library.

10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts


5. Orange, Massachusetts

The gorgeous city of Orange is the ideal place for anyone who’s looking for a city that has a sparse suburban vibe. They have a population of about 7,500 and a median home value in the upper $100k range. The city is located near many highways and features one of the few airports in the area.

Locals love the tight-knit community and the annual festivals that the town puts on. Residents of the area enjoy taking the afternoon to fish in the Mattawa lake or cruise in their boats down the Millers River.

6. Clarksburg, Massachusetts

Clarksburg is a quiet town that’s in a great location for commuting to nearby cities. The population is around 1700 and the median home value is in the upper $100k range. The town has been rated by niche.com as the #5 Places With The Lowest Cost of Living in Massachusetts and the local elementary school is rated highly which makes this a great place to consider for anyone with a growing family.

7. Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Pittsfield is one of the larger towns in the area with a population of around 43,000 but the median home value is in the upper 100k range so it’s great for anyone who wants to live in a larger city. They are known for being the hub of the Berkshire area and many of the homes and properties in the town have been designated historic areas.

The area has a number of country clubs located nearby along with many nature sanctuaries and parks. The Pittsfield State Forest is an 11,000-acre park that includes cross country skiing, hiking trails, camping areas, and a swimming beach. This is the perfect town for anyone looking for a family-friendly place that’s full of amenities and stores.

10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts

8. Springfield, Massachusetts

The town of Springfield is the fourth largest in the state but it still has amazing housing prices. The population sits around 150,000 but the mousing prices sit just under the 200k mark which is very low considering the population and access to amenities.

The city has a large number of schools, family-friendly entertainment, and museums along with many different venues and bars that host entertainment for adults. They’re also home to the headquarters for many large companies including the American Hockey League, Baystate Health, Merriam- Webster, and Smith & Wesson which means there are plenty of job opportunities in the city. For anyone who wants a big city that has amazing home prices, look no further than Springfield.

9. Washington, Massachusetts

Anyone who’s looking for a quiet town with fantastic homes will love the feeling they’ll get when they’re driving around Washington. The town’s population is around 500 people and the median home value for the city is in the lower $200k range. The Massachusetts route 8 passes through the town and it’s located about 20 minutes away from nearby Pittsfield which makes it the perfect area to move to for anyone looking to commute.

10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In Massachusetts

10. Barre, Massachusetts

Barre is home to many beautiful homes and a rich art and culture scene. The population sits around 5,500 and the median home value is in the lower $200k range. The town is home to 3 museums along with a live theater and it’s located about 35 minutes from nearby Worcester. The schools in the city are all rated highly and the residents love the community feeling the town gives.

There are so many amazing places in the great state of Massachusetts that have affordable home prices. With so many inexpensive homes, it’s no wonder so many people have been moving to the area in the last few years. Whether you’re looking for a larger metro area to bring your family to or you want a smaller town to settle down in, you’ll find it in Massachusetts.

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